Lodge at Black Pearl Cookbook
We celebrate life in the way we live, in what we teach, and through the meals we share.

The Lodge at Black Pearl is first and foremost about family. We purchased this farm with our children and future generations of Mullaneys in mind. Hunting and an outdoor lifestyle have played significant roles in our family life. These pursuits teach tenacity, hard work, a sense of pride and a strong respect for wildlife and the environment.


Some of Our Favorites —


Hunter’s Breakfast Cups

Applewood smoked bacon wrapped around salsa-topped, cheddar eggs. What a way to start the day – no carbs, no gluten.

Mallard Spring Rolls

 Crispy pork and duck rolls with a honey mustard dipping sauce

Doc’s Champagne Oysters

 As spirited as the man they’re named for! Roasted and topped with brie, champagne and dill.



Black Pearl Rockfish Chowder

A hearty bowl of fish, potatoes, cream and bacon to keep you warm in the fiercest weather.

Top Gun Chocolate Pots de Crème

A decadent, rich, dark chocolate  mousse.



The Lodge at Black Pearl on the Eastern Shore of Maryland has become as renowned for its extraordinary food as for its legendary waterfowl hunting. The chef behind the lodge’s sumptuous dishes is Vicky Mullaney, who is an avid hunter and angler herself.
Vicky orchestrates in the kitchen—bringing to a massive and groaning sportsman’s table an exalted plethora of dedicated farm-and-shore-to-table delights..
In addition to being a keen hunter and angler, Vicky is the lodge manager, chef, butcher, host, mother of five, grandmother of three. With her husband Stephen, the Mullaneys created Black Pearl—a legacy project and example of what’s possible when you combine intelligent planning, a love of the land and its creatures, and a shared passion for sport.