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This book is the culmination of my passions: cooking for family and friends, rearing strong children, and sharing a love of the outdoors. I am Vicky Mullaney and life for me is uncommon.  I am the mother of five and grandmother of three. I have developed an unconventional skill set over the last thirty years. I am a huntress. I can cast a fly rod and butcher a deer. I grow oysters and farm.  I drive tractors and dump trucks, and I cook for both my family and our guests from all over the world. I also brush blinds, run boats, split firewood, and help with the dogs. The bottom line – it’s all women’s work!

I grew up in the countryside of Virginia where eating farm fresh foods and home cooked family meals was a way of life and I believe that family meals play an integral part in raising strong children and building great friendships. I have studied both French and Italian cooking and for the past three decades I have been developing a unique blend of dishes. I’ve been given a beautiful life and I’m grateful to share our story and my recipes with you!