Vicky Mullaney grew up in the countryside of  Virginia where eating farm fresh foods, home cooked family meals, and wild game was a way of life. Having five children and three grandchildren, she has always believed that family meals should be an integral part of raising strong children.

Upon moving with her family to Black Pearl Farms on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and taking on the responsibilities of managing the lodge, she decided her love of the culinary arts would enhance the guest experience. Authors, artists, congressmen, generals, ambassadors, judges, industry leaders, and exceptional people from many walks of life rave about her cooking. During the season her kitchen is alive with activity, enhanced by laughter and stories told by her guests from all over the world.




Black Pearl Farms consists of about 860 acres of flooded fields, croplands, marsh and woodlands neighboring Blackwater National Refuge in Dorchester County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. We grow corn, sorghum, rice, millet and barley for wildlife. With over 5 miles of waterfront, we brush up to 28 blinds each season either on the water or in flooded impoundments. Every year we enjoy hosting distinguished guests from all over the world.